Scalability for HL-Family Oy with NetSuite – Accountor Enterprise implements the solution with lightning speed

Julkaistu 29.1.2018 - 12:54

The Turku-based HL-Family Oy is the largest telemarketing company in Finland, employing some 200 personnel with a revenue of around EUR 100 million, 95 million of which in securities trading. The company is known for its social responsibility and trustworthiness, and its roots date back to Hyvät Lehdet RMS Oy, founded in 1993. The business operations of HL-Family are expanding to new product branches, thanks in part to the acquisition of Buusteri Oy in 2016.

”As our operations have broadened from magazine telemarketing to other sales and marketing, it was time to switch to a scalable business platform that better meets the needs of our current operations and international prospects,” explains Timo Mikola, CEO.

HL-Family ordered its NetSuite licenses in December 2017 and implementation took place in just under a month, requiring only five days of consulting work.

”The environment was launched on 19 December when I also first visited the customer for a half-day long workshop. We drafted the process flow chart on an A4 sheet of paper and rolled up our sleeves to begin going through the basics of NetSuite. On 12 January, the first lot of over 200 sales orders were delivered and packaged. Labels and invoices for the sales orders were printed directly from NetSuite with layouts modelled by the customer. The system itself had in fact been operational since 2 January,” says Ari Koivisto, NetSuite Consultant at Accountor Enterprise.

”We chose Accountor Enterprise as our NetSuite provider based on recommendations and have had no reason to look back. The system is excellent and the project stayed within budget,” Mikola says happily.

The customer’s IT coordinator Petja Hartikainen deserves special recognition for the lighting-fast implementation.
”NetSuite is a very user-friendly system, and much of its use can be learned without separate consulting,” says Hartikainen.


Sources of further information:

Accountor Enterprise: Arto Ignatius, Senior Business Consultant, +358 40 484 5446, arto.ignatius(a)

HL-Family: Timo Mikola, timo.mikola(a)




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BLC was looking for a group-wide CRM solution with a skilled supplier to support its business

Julkaistu 10.11.2017 - 9:56

BLC Taito and Turva are part of the BLC Group. Besides belonging to the same Group, they also had more in common: the need for a new CRM system. Their choice was Microsoft Dynamics 365 on account of its versatility and cloud-based operating principle. One of the features that BLC adopted from the MS Dynamics 365 palette besides mere account management was Field Service, which is intended for managing field work. BLC aims to adopt more features from MS Dynamics 365 in the future, according to where it is needed.

The need for a state-of-the-art, group-wide CRM system set the winds of change in motion

BLC Taito needed a new CRM system as it wanted to harmonise its two existing CRM systems and update and modernise them into a single cloud-based solution.

”It was no longer feasible to develop our existing CRM systems, which did not meet current needs, either. We therefore decided to purchase an entirely new CRM solution”, says Sales Manager Jukka Holm from BLC Taito”.
BLC Turva, in turn, didn’t have a real CRM system at all. They began to look into different alternatives in order to find a CRM solution that could be utilised throughout the Group.
”We wanted to have a common CRM solution that would allow cross-selling”, says Production Manager Mikko Torniainen from BLC Turva”.

”In fact, sometimes a salesperson employed in a BLC Group company might bump into another BLC salesperson in the customer’s parking area. Our customers also expect us to know them better, so it is important that we have a common system that serves all companies”, says Jukka Holm.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service fulfilled all of BLC Turva’s requirements for maintenance work control

BLC Turva carries out thousands of jobs a year, and an effective system was needed in order to coordinate them.
”We used to do this with the maintenance follow-up module available in the ERP. However, it no longer fulfilled the needs of today’s business. Our service and maintenance operations have grown the most and we therefore needed new software for managing maintenance work”.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 business platform can be used for both account management and maintenance work management, so it was a natural choice for a solution package.

”It transpired that Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes a Field Service module for maintenance work follow-up, and we wanted to learn more about it. It fulfilled all of our requirements, so the choice was easy”, says Mikko Torniainen from BLC Turva.

”Everything seemed to be in place in Dynamics 365”, says Jukka Holm.

Accountor Enterprise selected as the partner on account of its broad experience

”We wanted to have a single partner capable of taking care of the whole system delivery. However, the project was quite demanding, as it involved different companies and varying needs. All in all we were talking about a very large project. We felt that Accountor Enterprise had experts that could meet all of our needs, which made the choice easy”, says Jukka Holm.

Another aspect that spoke in favour of Accountor was the freshness of the Field Service module.

”Other suppliers had hardly any experience of using Field Service. Accountor Enterprise already had some references for its use, which contributed to our choice”, says Mikko Torniainen.

Cost-savings and easier daily routines – BLC Turva

The software project renewed our operating policies and made the daily routines at BLC Turva more efficient.

”For us, Field Service has translated into major cost-savings, especially in large units that have dozens of employees and a broad geographical area that must be controlled”, says Mikko Torniainen from BLC Turva.

Thanks to Field Service, BLC Turva can now direct jobs regionally and efficiently, ensuring that there is always the right person in the right place. Jobs can also be immediately invoiced.

”Job completion can be confirmed at once, which speeds up the invoicing cycle. This is important for our financial department in view of cash management. It also facilitates the work of employees in the field, because they can immediately confirm job completion without having to do this in the office at the end of the day”, says Torniainen.

The software project has also made reporting easier at BLC Turva.

”We can now report on jobs more comprehensively, covering topics such as the number of jobs, customers and locations, the time spent at a location, the types of products used and the employee who visited the location most recently. With this data, we can also serve customers better, as we know exactly what has been done most recently at the locations”, says Torniainen.

Business benefits in sales, customer service and customer experience – BLC Taito

BLC Taito has been able to improve its sales result with the introduction of the new CRM.

”Previously, we mainly used the CRM for recording outcomes, but now it better directs our sales efforts. Things get forgotten less frequently now, which has made the sales work more rational and efficient and helps us achieve better sales”, says Jukka Holm.

In addition, the predictability of sales has improved now that all of our customers are covered by the new CRM system. According to Holm, BLC Taito has already been able to make the first accurate forecasts, on the basis of which it can also plan production resources.

BLC Taito wanted to take the needs of its current customers into consideration in account management. In addition, it has started to measure the customer experience.

”We have drawn up an account management model that helps us keep to what we have agreed with our customers without having to rely on what has been memorised only. We have started to measure the customer experience by conducting customer satisfaction surveys following customer meetings, for instance. We also conduct surveys before customer meetings to better prepare for them and focus on the right things. This saves both our time and our customers’ time”, says Holm.

BLC expanding the Dynamics 365 puzzle in the future

BLC already has plans to develop the software further in the future. It intends to adopt more MS Dynamics 365 modules by adding the following features, as a minimum: Power BI, Linkedin extension and PSA, i.e. Project Service Automation.

”MS Dynamics 365 is like a jigsaw puzzle that can be expanded one piece at a time. When you take one piece, you want them all”, says Mikko Torniainen, with a laugh.


Sources of further information

For Accountor Enterprise Solutions: Juha Järvinen, Sales Manager, juha.jarvinen(a)

For BLC Turva Oy: Mikko Torniainen, Product Manager, mikko.torniainen(a)




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VMP Varamiespalvelu provides a better customer experience and on-time salary payments

Julkaistu 28.8.2017 - 9:22

Part of the VMP Group, the VMP Varamiespalvelu chain is one of Finland’s best-known temp and recruitment agencies. Customers range from private persons seeking employment to companies offering employment.

VMP has invested in developing its customer experience and service quality to make the service more streamlined and easier to use. VMP has built and developed the electronic services provided for customers using a wide range of software in collaboration with several providers. Work on improving the services continues – because the customer always comes first. For example, the invoicing of corporate customers is expected to run smoothly.
“What counts is that each employee gets paid on time and that it is as easy as possible to search for jobs using our network service,” says Johannes Setänen, Head of Customer Experience, VMP.

This is thanks to efficient software and an IT infrastructure that are constantly being developed in collaboration with IT partners.

A contemporary end-to-end recruitment solution comprises multiple compatible software

Via Accountor Enterprise Solutions, VMP has access to the Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM systems, which provide enough horsepower to offer a comprehensive recruitment solution. For example, the systems enable the comprehensive management of employee and corporate customer information, as well as accurate invoicing.

The Dynamics CRM system brings together corporate customers and suitable temp employees

“Applications are received by CRM Dynamic, i.e. the XRM system. We call it the XRM system because it contains information about corporate, temp and job-seekers alike. The system receives applications from our web service. Our HR personnel review the applications and invite suitable applicants for an interview. Once a person has been entered in the system as a temp employee, the system links them to a corporate customer’s order. The employee logs their shift hours online,” says Setänen, explaining the logic behind the temp service.

VMP also has access to the HR and payroll system Mepco HRM from Accountor HR Solutions, which is part of the same group, as well as servers provided by PCP Partner.
“Mepco HRM enables us to pay the right people the right amount at the right time. Microsoft AX sends invoices to our corporate customers and is also a handy accounting and financial management tool. All of this is neatly tied together by the Microsoft Biztalk integration platform.”

Because both the IT infrastructure and software are provided on a single provider basis, everything is easier to manage at service level meetings.

Continuous customer-oriented development is at the heart of VMP’s customer experience

VMP works continuously to develop its systems and the customer experience, while listening to customers’ opinions and feedback.
“What we want to do is to keep making the customer experience better and better. The areas we want to develop are not simply based on our own opinions; we continuously collect feedback from our customers regarding areas that need improvement. We prioritise the development suggestions and implement them to the best of our ability,” says Setänen.

Provider chosen based on experience and reputation

VMP chose Accountor Enterprise Solutions as its partner a couple of years ago because VMP trusted this well-known major Microsoft Dynamics provider. Because of the complexity of the systems, VMP wanted the core solution, i.e. the Microsoft Dynamics family, from one provider. This also enabled VMP to reduce the number of system providers.

“We didn’t want to start building such a complex system with an inexperienced software provider. Our choice felt logical also because it enabled us to take care of several sections with the help of one provider. By the way, this is the same convincing reason why our temp service customers choose the VMP Group as their partner,” says Setänen.

Sources of further information

For Accountor Enterprise Solutions: Director, Business Platforms Heikki Tukiainen, tel. +358 40 561 5020 / e-mail heikki.tukiainen(a)

For VMP Varamiespalvelu: Johannes Setänen, tel. +358 40 307 5052 / e-mail johannes.setanen(a)




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Finnish Business School Graduates implements a state-of-the-art Dynamics 365 system, with the project team given full marks for its performance

Julkaistu 29.3.2017 - 22:08

Until recently, the central organisation for graduates of economics and business-administration programmes and students in these fields used a specially customised information system. This made its development difficult and hampered integration with other software. These issues prompted the organisation to look into adopting a new system. In December 2016, it implemented a Microsoft Dynamics 365 system supplied by Accountor Enterprise Solutions.

”We wanted a modern and adaptable platform that could be integrated with other systems and would offer even more support to the processes related to our services for members,” explains Tuija Mäkinen, Customer Relationship Manager for Finnish Business School Graduates.


All the necessary information in one location, thanks to Dynamics 365

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, all membership information is available in a single location. That was the central goal for the project. According to Mäkinen, another considerable benefit brought by the new system is integration with other programs, which minimises the amount of manual work required – information no longer has to be transferred between systems. Also, the application has contributed to improving communications with members.

Mäkinen says: ”Integration with our newsletter system has made our communications more efficient and member-oriented, and it has enabled us to benefit from automated marketing processes.”

With the need for a more modern system long recognised across the board in the organisation, the new program has been met with a warm welcome.


Mainly praise for the implementation

To provide support for the process, various workshops were held at the definition and implementation stage, and an Accountor Enterprise expert was on hand to offer assistance throughout the project. According to Mäkinen, this arrangement proved useful. On the whole, the implementation process was plain sailing, even though some challenges were encountered in conjunction with the program’s invoicing feature.

The building of various discount schemes and invoicing bases turned out to be slightly more challenging than had been expected. As the project also involved outsourcing of the invoice and payment traffic, this combination of factors led to membership bills being dispatched behind schedule. Mäkinen notes that, while conversion from an old system to a new one often proves to be a stumbling block in system implementation, no major hitches were encountered in this case.

She says that users have found Dynamics 365 easy to use even though a new system always requires some time to master.


Accountor Enterprise’s experience and size helped to sway the organisation’s decision on the system supplier

”We wanted a solution provider that was large enough and financially sound. By ’large enough’, I mean a company with sufficient resources: we didn’t want to be reliant on just one or two people. This played a major role in our decision. Also, Accountor Enterprise has a good deal of experience of similar projects,” Mäkinen says.

In addition, the project team made a positive impact with its expertise and attitude, right from the outset. Collaboration was seamless throughout the project.

”Our project manager was highly qualified and competent. All in all, the entire project team showed a desire to understand our operations and to find the most suitable solutions for us. Full marks to them for this,” says Mäkinen.

According to her, another characteristic that made Accountor Enterprise a good partner is its ability to explain which customer requests were feasible for the implementation and which would be better addressed in some other way.

She explains: ”A good partner understands the customer’s needs but also has the courage to speak up when necessary. Then you don’t make promises you can’t deliver on. I think a good supplier dares to challenge the customer and present alternative ways of doing things.”


Sources of further information

For Accountor Enterprise Solutions: Sales Manager Juha Järvinen, tel. +358 45 111 5015 / e-mail juha.jarvinen(a)

For Finnish Business School Graduates: Customer Relationship Manager Tuija Mäkinen, e-mail tuija.makinen(a)




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More smarts for the HY+ centre of continuing education, with NetSuite and Accountor Enterprise involved in its development

Julkaistu 29.3.2017 - 21:48

The world’s best education has reached the global market
Owned by the University of Helsinki, HY+ is Finland’s largest education provider focused on continuing academic education and development services. It has set its sights on being Finland’s most interesting and groundbreaking operator in this field. With new ideas and world-class research, it wants to provide a breath of fresh air to Finnish society at large. In addition, HY+ co-ordinates the University of Helsinki’s export activities related to education. Some of the training arranged by HY+ is carried out via online courses.

”While we are involved in numerous projects and collaborate with professors and various university departments, we are also constantly on the look-out for new collaboration opportunities. We want to offer companies and other organisations – in Finland and abroad – education and training that brings together a practical approach and an academic foundation,” says Päivi Karjalainen, Director of Finance at HY+, who continues:  ”In summer, 50 Saudi Arabian teachers will arrive in Helsinki for a six-month training course. In addition, we are collaborating on several projects with high-profile international organisations, such as the World Bank.”


NetSuite as the driving force behind financial management

HY+ implemented NetSuite’s payroll and finance functions in June 2016, soon after the new training company was established. Deployment of this functionality took place extremely rapidly, over the space of a few months.

”The whole process went smoothly, and it didn’t interfere with our work,” says Karjalainen, pleased with the project. She has only praise for the professionalism and expertise of the supplier, the then Mepco: ”From the outset, all the reports generated by NetSuite have been virtually error-free. All of the figures add up, and all the right rows are found in the reports. I attribute this to the program’s excellent integration. I was bowled over.”


”The best product on the market”

HY+ looked into the ERP systems on the market with great care before opting to choose NetSuite and Mepco. NetSuite was the natural choice because it provided a solution that offered tools for financial administration, project management, and online sales, all in one package. The goal was to replace the 15 individual programs the education provider was using with a single solution that provides a seamless, efficient, and adaptable approach.

”The program offers cloud-based operations, which was another factor influencing our decision,’ says Karjalainen, adding: ‘There weren’t many products on the market that met our requirements related to functionality and breadth. NetSuite’s versatility was what really convinced us. We were already impressed by the introduction to the processes we received at the beginning of the project, but NetSuite has proved even better than we dared to expect. NetSuite is a platform of almost unlimited versatility that offers numerous options for large organisations too.”

Juha Kuivainen of Accountor Enterprise explains that from a system supplier’s perspective, education is an extremely interesting field: ”With regard to its structure, the education sector is considered to provide fertile ground for a revolution in platform solutions.”


A global platform for growing businesses

As a fully integrated system that is updated continuously, NetSuite offers a solution that grows along with the business. Because the organisation’s staff travel regularly in Finland and also abroad for meetings and to give lectures, it was important for HY+ to have a system that enables the monitoring of sales and projects irrespective of time and place.

”With this choice, we are looking to the future. NetSuite is a comprehensive solution, which makes it considerably more agile and versatile than having separate, massive systems,” says Karjalainen. ”It offers numerous functions, and we have yet to tap the program’s full potential. We are still in the process of putting the system in place, and I think that after this we can continue to develop it,” she says.

When asked about NetSuite’s best qualities, Karjalainen mentions access to real-time information on the financial situation.
She says in summary: ”Invoicing has become easier, and everything now runs to schedule. Thanks to its excellent usability, versatility, and scalability, NetSuite is an ideal choice for a company supplying consultancy and training services. Having been involved in the implementation of information systems in the past too, I can say that everything has gone to plan with NetSuite.”


Sources of further information

Accountor Enterprise: Arto Ignatius, Senior Business Consultant, +358 40 484 5446, arto.ignatius(a)

For HY+: Director of Finance Päivi Karjalainen, e-mail paivi.karjalainen(a)







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One of Finland’s most interesting companies selected NetSuite as its ERP system

Julkaistu 15.3.2017 - 12:28

The successful Tampere-based company lauded NetSuite as ‘a choice for the future’.

Established five years ago, rapidly expanding office-solution supplier Framery Acoustics produces soundproofed phone boxes and meeting pods for open offices the world over. After a tough first few years, the company has been on an upward trajectory – it is among Finland’s most rapidly growing enterprises and has gained a strong foothold in the global market. This pioneering Finnish company has successfully sold silence to such international corporate giants as Twitter, CNN, and Facebook.

It is critical for a company experiencing dramatic growth to find an effective management system for its manufacturing operations that also can adapt and expand in line with the company’s changing needs. After some deliberation, Framery opted for NetSuite, as supplied by Accountor Enterprise, on the strength of the software’s scalability and the innovative philosophy behind it.

‘The novel technology implemented in NetSuite and its global platform convinced us. Browser-based operations offer flexibility. We believe that NetSuite is a choice for the future,’ says the company’s Founder and COO, Samu Hällfors.

Accountor Enterprise is creating a novel culture of operations with its customers, via seamless collaboration.

‘We realised right from the outset that we were on the same wavelength as Framery. We believe that implementing a new technology is a shared experience rather than fruit of a conventional customer–provider relationship. With its global success, Framery fits in perfectly with our community of export-oriented growth enterprises. We are proud to be involved in this story of growth,’ explains Juha Kuivainen, a NetSuite expert with the SKY unit at Accountor Enterprise.

In addition, Framery’s Hällfors emphasises the significance of rapid development and NetSuite’s exceptional integration capacity, a quality that made it stand out from the competition. Also, the organisation developing NetSuite is international.

‘Third-party add-ons are readily available, so we aren’t dependent on a single technology. With the add-ons, you can also expand NetSuite’s functions,’ he continues.

Finland offers an excellent manufacturing location

Framery Acoustics manufactures all of its products in Tampere. Hällfors explains that the company has never seen moving production abroad as a tempting proposition, as it needs to retain control over its quality-assurance processes.

‘Making products in Finland is not as expensive as people often think – you just need to recruit efficient employees. We also want to be certain that our products meet the quality criteria we have set for them,’ he says.

NetSuite is a logical choice of system for supporting these principles. NetSuite’s CEO, Zach Nelson, has often referred to his company’s development from a small start-up operating on premises above a hairdresser’s into a large corporation and leading cloud ERP services provider. Accordingly, NetSuite itself is a product of a growth mindset.

A stand-out solution was the answer

According to Hällfors, NetSuite’s competitors lost the race because the technology they offered was outdated and their solutions were not truly browser-based. So, for Framery, the availability of cloud-based operations was the deal-maker. What’s more, NetSuite came highly praised in Finland.

One key reason Accountor Enterprise was selected as the supplier is that it is a local company. This makes communications straightforward. Hällfors was particularly impressed by Accountor Enterprise’s references. ‘Its expertise in the sales process was in a league of its own,’ he says.

For further information please contact:

Accountor Enterprise: Arto Ignatius, Senior Business Consultant, +358 40 484 5446, arto.ignatius(a)

Framery Oy: Founder and COO, Samu Hällfors, samu.hallfors(at), tel. +358 50 517 5818


Framery Oy’s IT Manager Veikko Lindberg tells the customer story:




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ZenRobotics launches a revolution, with NetSuite and Accountor Enterprise in a major role

Julkaistu 14.3.2017 - 14:02

Intelligent robots and a conquering spirit, in the name of Gaia – that’s what Finnish ZenRobotics is made of!

ZenRobotics is the creator of the world’s first commercially available robotic waste-sorting system. What makes the system unique is its software, which combines data from multiple sensors to perform an analysis of the waste stream. On the basis of the results, it makes autonomous decisions and controls the robot.

ZenRobotics is active in the international market via its resale network. One aspect of expansion to serious operations in the global arena is that they put a company’s support systems to the test.

‘NetSuite provides comprehensive support for the management of our international operations. Its versatility and flexibility were its central selling points for us. We selected Accountor Enterprise as the provider on the basis of its expertise and references. And also because we felt that we were on the same page,’ says Ditty Damström of ZenRobotics.

For further information please contact:

Accountor Enterprise: Arto Ignatius, Senior Business Consultant, +358 40 484 5446, arto.ignatius(a)




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Trimble Forestry Finland’s NetSuite implementation project completed at a record pace

Julkaistu 6.2.2017 - 11:34

Trimble Forestry Finland’s NetSuite implementation project kicked off in August 2016. Come the third week of September, the program was up and running. ”People have been surprised about how quickly the project was carried out,” explains Leena Kelhu, Controller at Trimble Forestry Finland, adding: ”It’s amazing how soon the system was up and running.”

Trimble Forestry Finland started life as Fifth Element Oy, a Finnish mobile technology provider. In March 2015, the company became part of the American technology company Trimble as a result of a business acquisition.

”We provide digital tools for mobile work,” says Leena Kelhu, continuing: ”We specialise in the forest industry and related IT tools that speed up processes and make work easier.”


NetSuite was a natural choice

Initially, the company’s accounting and financial administration was handled by an accounting firm but after becoming part of Trimble Group, the company decided to set up an in-house team to run these operations. NetSuite was a natural choice for the financial management tool as it was already in use in many of the group’s subsidiaries.

”There were other options available but when we looked into them, we soon realised NetSuite was the best choice for us,” explains Kelhu. ”And the group already had experience of it.”

Mepco was selected as the supplier on the strength of its customer-oriented approach. ”We believed that with Mepco, things would go to plan. I felt that Mepco’s staff listened to our needs. Rather than push their views on us, they asked us what we really needed,” says Kelhu.

She also lavishes praise on Mepco’s consultant: ”Inna Reunanen was actively involved in the implementation. Whenever we had any questions or concerns, they were addressed without delay.”


A logical and user-friendly system


The first few weeks with the new system have been plain sailing. ”I’m sure NetSuite has numerous great features that take time to master but the basics have been easy to learn,” says Kelhu.

”The system implementation was completed in the third week of September and no later than the following week, we used it to prepare the internal reports for the third quarter. It didn’t take long to learn as it’s such a logical and user-friendly system.”
Kelhu mentions the numerous calculation levels in place in the company and the tight schedule for the project as potential challenges. ”The schedule must have presented a challenge, but everything was completed on time. And for that, I take my hat off to Mepco.”


Reality lived up to expectations

”No surprises cropped up in the course of the project,” explains Kelhu. ”We formed a positive image of NetSuite during the introductory visit, and the reality has lived up to our expectations. The implementation phase also went to plan. There were no times when we thought, ’Oh, if only we’d known that in advance’.”

All in all, it has been a very positive experience. ”NetSuite seems just the right solution for us and Mepco handled everything brilliantly. This time, the project went off without a hitch. This hasn’t always been the case with other projects,” Kelhu explains.


Sources of further information

Accountor Enterprise: Arto Ignatius, Senior Business Consultant, +358 40 484 5446, arto.ignatius(a)

Trimble Forestry Finland: Controller Leena Kelhu, tel. +358 40 537 8071 / email leena.kelhu(at)

Are you interested in NetSuite? Read more in our blog (in Finnish):

NetSuite – aito pilvi-ERP tuo ketteryyttä ja tulevaisuuden turvaa


At the beginning of 2017, Mepco Oy’s business operations were divided into two core areas, which are now handled by two new companies – Accountor Enterprise Solutions and Accountor HR. The core of Accountor Enterprise Solutions Oy’s operations is formed by the understanding and development of our customers’ processes based on global business portals.

Our new email addresses follow the format of






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Mepco has been transformed into two new companies under the Accountor name

Julkaistu 16.1.2017 - 12:31

Mepco Oy has become two companies, each focusing on its own area of solid expertise: Accountor Enterprise Solutions Oy and Accountor HR Solutions Oy.

From 1 January 2017 onward, Mepco Oy’s operations are being handled by two new companies.

Established in 2003, Mepco has enjoyed profitable growth from day 1 and has helped nearly a thousand organisations to develop, expand, and serve their customers and other stakeholders more efficiently. Both Accountor Enterprise Solutions and Accountor HR Solutions are part of Accountor Group’s software division, which is composed of thriving companies that specialise in digitalisation of business operations and public-sector services. These companies receive support from the international Accountor Group.

‘We decided to separate the operations into two companies because this enables Accountor Enterprise and Accountor HR to offer services to all enterprises and every organisation in an agile manner. By focusing on our key areas of expertise, we can offer faster solution deliveries and even better service to our customers. This will also give us a competitive edge,’ explains Markku Pekkola, Executive Vice-President for the Accountor Group Software Division.

Bringing extensive process expertise to the table, the 120-strong Accountor Enterprise Solutions will focus on offering solutions based on global business platforms. Its core expertise covers sales and marketing, customer service, enterprise resource planning, financial administration, management by information, and innovation in business (including models of operation). Accountor Enterprise helps its customers develop all aspects of their business. Services extend from automation of operations to improvement of the customer experience, management of sales channels, and creation of new business models. The company’s operations are rooted in unparalleled expertise in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and NetSuite platforms. Eero Noroviita, who was at the helm of Mepco in 2016, is now the managing director of Accountor Enterprise Solutions Oy.

With its world-class HR expertise, Accountor HR Solutions Oy specialises in HR and payroll services for companies and other organisations of all sizes. Accountor HR is Finland’s most experienced expert-services and technology company that focuses solely on payroll and human-resource management solutions. Its expertise is based on Finland’s number-one HR and payroll-management system, Mepco HRM, which facilitates the easy management of all stages of an employment relationship and enables performing payroll and HR management and recruitment from one convenient location. Pekkola, who founded Mepco, now serves as Accountor HR’s managing director.
Strong customer-orientation is the guiding principle for both companies. ‘We will succeed only when our customers succeed,’ explains Noroviita.

Further information is available on the companies’ websites: and

Contact points for further information:

Eero Noroviita, Managing Director of Accountor Enterprise Solutions: and tel. +358 50 536 4122

Markku Pekkola, Managing Director of Accountor HR Solutions: or tel. +358 400 233 150




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New energy to Haminan Energia´s operations through update of financial systems

Julkaistu 27.12.2016 - 9:14

June 2016


Even the best information systems come to an end of their life cycle at some point. This was the case with Haminan Energia, whose old financial administration and payroll processing systems no longer met today’s requirements and failed to provide sufficient information to support business decisions.

‘The usability of Haminan Energia’s financial systems did not meet today’s requirements. They were not easy to maintain, which posed challenges,’ says Arto Sopanen, the manager of the project from Project Business Oy Finland. ‘The purpose of the upgrade was to ensure that the company’s financial and human resources data remain in order and up-to-date.’

Haminan Energia decided to introduce Microsoft Dynamics AX and Mepco HRM. Microsoft Dynamics AX was introduced in March, and the HR solution will be introduced in January.

Careful preparation is key

One of the most significant benefits of the upgrade was the decrease in manual work, which saves the employees’ time. The new systems also reduce the need of paper work.

‘The new systems facilitate the everyday work of the employees,’ explains Sopanen. ‘But not necessarily right from the beginning though, as it takes a little time to learn the new tools and methods,’ he continues.

Even though new systems will pay themselves back over time, such an extensive implementation project is always a significant investment for a company. That is why it should be planned carefully. Thorough preparation is key to successful implementation.

‘When acquiring a new system, it is important to prepare well, i.e. to analyse the needs in the various business operations within a company’, explains Sopanen, who has over 15 years of experience working in ICT projects. ‘You should also carefully consider the various selection criteria for the overall solution, and decide which features are the most important.’

Select your supplier carefully

Naturally, the choice of supplier is also significant for the success of the project.

‘For instance, the Dynamics AX solution can be used for financial management tasks in many different ways’, says Sopanen. ‘If the supplier does not have sufficient expertise regarding how to best apply the system to the needs of a specific company and industry, the objectives of the project may not be met.’

‘We considered the selection of the supplier as one of the most critical tasks in this project,’ continues Sopanen. ‘We wanted to find a supplier who thoroughly understands the opportunities offered by the solution it delivers, and also understands the customer’s needs. This time we succeeded better than expected, at least from a project manager’s perspective.’


It pays off to analyse appropriately

The suitability analysis carried out before the actual co-operation started was the most praised part of the project. ‘During the suitability analysis, which lasted 1–2 months, the suitability of the system for the needs of Haminan Energia was thoroughly investigated with the supplier,’ explains Sopanen. ‘We learned a lot and found common ground during that stage.’

A suitability analysis benefits both parties. During that stage the customer will get factual information about how the system will be applied to meet their needs. The supplier will get a better understanding of the kind of project it is committing to if the client decides to select them as a partner.

‘It is very important to carry out an analysis of this kind before acquiring a system in order to manage risks,’ says Sopanen. ‘Without such an analysis, the objectives and deadlines are often based on insufficient information, which may lead to the project deadline being too tight. This may compromise quality, even when the planned budget and schedule are met.’

Flexibility is valued

Surprisingly, size may matter in the selection of a supplier. ‘Mepco turned out to be the right size supplier that was willing to adapt to changes during the project,’ says Sopanen. ‘Some unexpected issues and changes will occur in all projects. When this happened, Mepco managed to find the correct solutions in a flexible manner. The client valued this tremendously.’


For further information, contact:


Accountor Enterprise Solutions: Hannu Lyytikkä, sales manager, at +358 40 387 0480 or hannu.lyytikka(a)

Haminan Energia: Pekka Raukko, Deputy Managing Director, at +358 40 592 6024 or pekka.raukko(a)


Accountor Enterprise Solutions was founded in January 2017 when Mepco Oy divided into two new companies.




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