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Accountor Enterprise combines a strong expertise in core business processes, digital innovation, and business platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and NetSuite for the benefit of our customers. Accountor Enterprise Solutions is a leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 and NetSuite expert both in Finland and internationally.

Accountor Enterprise’s core expertise is in CRM including sales & marketing, customer and field service. In addition, Accountor Enterprise excels in operations management covering ERP, project services, financial administration, and self-service business intelligence. Accountor Enterprise also helps its customers with business model innovation.

We are part of Accountor Software, the software division of Accountor Group. Accountor Software is composed of strong growth companies focusing on modern digital solutions for businesses and public services. We employ more than 400 specialists nationwide.

Accountor Enterprise Solutions was founded in January 2017 when Mepco Oy divided into two new companies. Read the story from here. 

Customer Story



Eero Noroviita

Managing Director

+ 358 50 536 4122

Jari Pakarinen

Sales Director

+ 358 50 349 8096

Heikki Tukiainen

Director, Business Platforms

+358 40 561 5020

Sari Tevalin

Financial Director

+ 358 40 689 5907

Riku Venno

Director, NetSuite Projects

+ 358 40 556 4497

Jarkko Savolainen

Director, Dynamics 365,

CRM and AX Projects

+ 358 40 579 6370

Want to work with us?

We currently employ more than 120 people in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku. As a rapidly growing company, we hire dozens of new employees each year.

By focusing on the opportunities of the digitalisation of business and public services, we strive to find solutions for the automation of operations, improved predictability and control, refining the customer experience, managing sales channels, and creating completely new business models.

We are looking to fill a number of very different roles. For instance, we offer job opportunities for experts in delivery projects and software development. We are always looking for new, skilled software developers, technical architects, application consultants, as well as professionals in sales and financial administration. We have job openings for both experienced experts as well as future professionals who are just embarking on their careers.

We also offer interesting entry-level jobs for students and new graduates. Contact us if you are looking for an interesting traineeship, your first job after graduation, or if you are doing your thesis work.


More information about recruitment, please contact:

Anu Valtanen, HRD Manager

+ 358 40 832 0645


Let us know how we can help you. Submit your contact information, and we’ll get in touch with you the next working day at the latest. Take the first step today – don’t wait until tomorrow.

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