Financial management

Financial administration has evolved from a backward-looking support function into a management process that contributes to business planning.

Modern financial management systems generate information automatically, enabling employees to focus on business management activities that produce added value for the company as they do not have to spend time on routine financial administration tasks.


Traditional financial administration:

  • transferring of data and figures from one system to another
  • correction of errors
  • preparation of mandatory reports for authorities
  • sharing of retrospective reports within the organisation


Modern financial administration:

  • forward planning and definition of options
  • provision of tools and information for business planning
  • provision of support for the utilisation of information, particularly in international groups
  • sharing of information and systems within the organisation and beyond, such as to suppliers
  • management and development of information and architecture


If you are looking for tools and processes that ensure the efficient performance of routine tasks, smart reporting processes and the generation of information that truly contributes to good management, we are the right choice for you. Over the past 15 years, we have delivered financial management systems to more than a hundred companies in Finland and abroad.

Our modern financial management software and experts can help both public and private sector organisations to enhance their processes.


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