Trimble Forestry Europe expands its NetSuite solution

Accountor Enterprise Solutions has provided Trimble Forestry Europe with the NetSuite OneWorld financial management solution.

”We create IT solutions for the forest industry, to make its work easier and more efficient,” says Leena Kelhu, CFO of Trimble Forestry Europe.

”The previously implemented Fifth Element and Silvadata financial management solutions provided us with a good, overall impression of the Accountor Enterprise SKY Unit’s expertise and of NetSuite as a solution. The merger of three of our companies required the unification of the financial management system, which was achieved in stages. Accountor Enterprise was able to do this within our target schedule and budget,” she continues.

”Although we are heavily involved in the software business, we wanted to continue our chosen policy of relying on the world’s leading cloud-based financial management. Let’s make sure that the shoemaker’s children do not go barefoot,” she adds with a laugh.

NetSuite OneWorld supports the use of unified processes in different countries

NetSuite OneWorld provides a real-time, unified global business management platform for international companies with multiple subsidiaries. OneWorld helps multinational companies to streamline their subsidiary operations and provide real-time transparency at local, regional and corporate headquarter levels. NetSuite OneWorld enables companies to effortlessly develop and deploy standard business processes in all business units and subsidiaries.

”We want to ensure the use of our processes and best practices in all our locations around the world. This will increase productivity and profitability,” says Leena Kelhu.

The NetSuite solution is raising wider interest

”The Forestry Division is purely reliant on Oracle-compliant solutions,” says Darcy Bennett, the division’s CFO.

”The implementations in Finland have made us interested in NetSuite on a broader basis,” he continues.

The best option is chosen for the customer in every case

”We began to consider the various options: since the customer was satisfied with its current operational management systems, we decided to integrate our finances with the NetSuite OneWorld solution, even though NetSuite offers the full range of modern cloud tools for all processes, from sales leads to bookkeeping,” says Arto Ignatius, Senior Business Consultant at Accountor Enterprise.

”Cooperation has gone smoothly on all sides. We think that we understand each other well and the issues that are important to both of us. Communication on them has been transparent and clear. Our cooperation has a solid foundation and a partnership of this kind is a strong basis for development,” say Leena and Arto in unison.


Trimble is an international publicly traded company headquartered in the U.S. with revenue of USD 2.3 billion. The Group’s Forestry Division is managed from Canada. Trimble is an active company buyer; the group acquires 9-13 new companies each year.

Read a previously published customer story about the adoption of NetSuite by Trimble Forestry Finland.


Sources of further information:

Accountor Enterprise: Arto Ignatius, Senior Business Consultant, +358 40 484 5446, arto.ignatius(a)

Trimble Forestry Europe: Leena Kelhu, talousjohtaja, +358 40 537 8071, leena.kelhu(a)


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