ZenRobotics launches a revolution with NetSuite and Accountor Enterprise in a major role

Intelligent robots and a conquering spirit, in the name of Gaia – that’s what Finnish ZenRobotics is made of!

ZenRobotics is the creator of the world’s first commercially available robotic waste-sorting system. What makes the system unique is its software, which combines data from multiple sensors to perform an analysis of the waste stream. On the basis of the results, it makes autonomous decisions and controls the robot.

ZenRobotics is active in the international market via its resale network. One aspect of expansion to serious operations in the global arena is that they put a company’s support systems to the test.

ZenRobotics launches a revolution with NetSuite

‘NetSuite provides comprehensive support for the management of our international operations. Its versatility and flexibility were its central selling points for us. We selected Accountor Enterprise as the provider on the basis of its expertise and references. And also because we felt that we were on the same page,’ says Ditty Damström of ZenRobotics.

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